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Entrepreneur Cristina Talacko Expands Business Supporting Sustainability and Zero Waste

Cristina Talacko, the force behind gluten free and vegan foods manufacturer SalDoce Fine Foods, has recently opened a Naked Foods store in Northbridge in February of 2019.

Cristina Talacko naked foods nsw premier

Naked Foods Organic & Health Foods is a company focused on clean and unprocessed foods that also reduce the carbon print on our environment. As part of supporting the companies vision, they use simple and sustainable packaging such as brown paper bags and bulk drums for storing products. Customers are encouraged to have a zero waste lifestyle by bringing their own bags for a 5% discount. She is also the owner of Naked Foods in Brisbane and has a passion for the environment, being the Chair of the not for profit Coalition for Conservation, pushing for more bipartisan action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Australia and the banning of plastic bags.

A healthy and sustainable lifestyle has always been an advocacy for Cristina, who migrated to Australia from Brazil in 1997. SalDoce Fine Foods, a company she and her husband Martin Talacko founded in 2000, has been developing delicious allergen free and vegan products for customers with food intolerances or who wish to follow a healthier diet. The company is the pioneer for introducing gluten free baking mixes to the Australian market, having started with the manufacturing of a Brazilian cheese bread they called 'Frevos' in Australia. They have also ventured into expanding distribution to the international markets like India, Middle East and UAE, Asia and now the UK.

The multi-awarded SalDoce Fine Foods/YesYouCan continues to fill the gaps in the market as consumer behaviour shifts to a more active and conscious lifestyle. In the latest concluded NSW Business Chamber Awards, YesYouCan won the 'Excellence in Small Business' category and was a finalist for 'Excellence in Export'. This has propelled the company to continue its efforts to bring to the market more healthy, vegan and delicious alternatives.

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For more information about YesYouCan products, visit their website You may contact them at or call them at +61 (02) 8350841.

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