Raspberry and Coconut Crisp Recipe

Raspberry and coconut crisp gluten free recipe

Gluten Free Raspberry and Coconut Crisp Recipe

by Chef Sebastian


  • 60gms YesYouCan Raspberry and Coconut Bread Mix
  • 30gms unsalted butter
  • 15gms caster sugar
  • 30gms almond meal
Raspberry filling:
  • 30gms frozen raspberries
  • 5gms caster sugar
  • 20gms shredded coconut, toasted


For the Base:

  • Pre-heat oven to 150 degree Celsius
  • Line a baking tray or loaf tin with baking paper
  • Mix together the dry ingredients, cut the butter into cubes and rub into the dry ingredients until it resembles bread crumb texture
  • Spread the mix on the baking tray evenly to about 2 cm thickness, bake for 10- 15 mins or until golden brown
  • Remove from oven and leave it to cool 

For the Raspberry filling:

  • Cook the raspberries and sugar in a pan till they lightly breakdown, make sure there are chunks of berries
  • Take it off the heat and leave it to cool


  • Spread the raspberry filling on the base evenly
  • Cover with toasted thread coconut
  • Serve.

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