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Coeliac Awareness Week 2020

Did you know that 1 in 70 Australians have Coeliac Disease? That's 355,000 people who have a serious medical condition where their immune system reacts abnormally to gluten that makes it difficult for them to absorb food and nutrients properly.

Aside from the common digestion symptoms of Coeliac disease, here are other symptoms to look out for:

  • persistent fatigue

  • irritable bowel

  • osteoporosis

  • unexplained fertility issues

  • anaemia

  • autoimmune disease

Cases and symptoms may vary from person to person. Coeliac Australia provides an online self assessment for those suspecting they may be at risk. Take the assessment at If risk factors for coeliac disease are identified, you can download a letter that you can take to you GP with details of your assessment results.

For more information regarding coeliac disease visit Coeliac Australia’s website:

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